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Keep Column Headers Visible at All Times

Summary: Edit large Microsoft Excel 2003 spreadsheet easier by keeping column headers visible.

Typical spreadsheets consist of columns with header text that describe what type of data is located in each column, such as "Balance", "Accounts Payable", "Month", etc.

However, when you work on a spreadsheet containing many rows of information, as you scroll past one screen of data, the column headers move out of view. It can be difficult to remember what type of information should be entered in each column. Thus, Microsoft Excel 2003 lets you perform a "Split" so that header rows can remain in view even while you are working with screens and screens of data.

1. Move your mouse cursor and select a cell located in the row directly after where the header information is located. For example, if row 7 contains header information, with a cell A7 of "Month", cell B7 of "Payable", and cell C7 of "Receivable", click on cell A8.

2. Select menu item "Window" - "Split".

Now, all rows located above the row in where your cursor is located will remain on screen as you scroll through your document. In the above example, rows A-7 would remain on screen while you scroll.

To remove the split, just select item "Window" - "Remove Split".

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Last Modified on: July 13, 2008, at 12:04 A.M. EDT

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