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Fit More on a Printed Page

Summary: Cram more information in a Microsoft Excel 2003 spreadsheet onto a single printed page.

To save printer ink/toner or to reduce the amount of paper needed, you can force Microsoft Excel 2003 to shrink spreadsheets so that more will fit on a single printed page. While this will save resources, depending on your printer and the amount of shrinking you perform this option can make spreadsheets difficult to read, so you may need to experiment.

1. Click "File" - "Page Setup".

2. When the "Page Setup" multi-tabbed dialog box appears, click the "Page" tab.

3. Underneath "Scaling" make sure the "Adjust to" radio button is selected.

4. Increase or reduce the default "100%" normal size as desired. By increasing the number you will increase the text size but allow less information per printed page. Decreasing the number will shrink the text size, but allow more information to be viewable per printed page.

5. Click "OK" to close the dialog box.

When experimenting with this option you may wish to select the "File" - "Print Preview" menu to get an idea of how your spreadsheet will appear on paper.

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Last Modified on: July 13, 2008, at 12:04 A.M. EDT

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