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Count the Number of Cells That Meet a Condition

Summary: Count the number of cells in a range that meet a specified criterion.

You may need to determine how many cells in a given range meet a certain condition. You might want to count how many values in a list are above a certain number. Or, for example, how many of your employees listed in a Human Resources spreadsheet are managers.

Use the Microsoft Excel 2003 function =countif to perform this task.

Take this list of employees, their job titles, and salaries:

1 Matt Customer Service $22,000
2 John Sales $34,000
3 Jane Executive $52,000
4 Mary Manager $46,000
5 Sue Sales $28,000
6 Mark Customer Service $25,000



RANGE is the range of cells you want to count.

CRITERION is the condition you want to specify to count.

For example, to count the number of people in Sales:


This will return 2, the number of employees you have in sales.

Or, if you want to find out how many employees have a salary over $30,000, use:

=countif(C1:C6, >30000)

This will return 3.

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