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Microsoft Excel 2003 Cell Formatting

Shrink Values to Fit in a Cell

Summary: Force large values to fit inside a small cell of a Microsoft Excel 2003 spreadsheet.

When developing a Microsoft Excel 2003 spreadsheet, there may be times where values do not perfectly fit inside a cell, based on the limited width of a particular column. While Excel 2003 will try its best to display the most significant portion of a value, if a cell's width is too small, the value will just be replaced with ####.

You can force Excel 2003 to display large value by altering the font size of the particular cell. Or, change this setting and Excel 2003 will automatically alter the cell's font size as needed depending on the cell width:

1. Right-click on the cell or cells and choose "Format Cells".
2. When the "Format Cells" multi-tabbed dialog box appears, click the "Alignment" tab.
3. Check "Shrink to fit".
4. Click "OK" to close the dialog box.

Note that if the value is especially large or the cell width especially small, it may be very difficult to read the text, either on the screen or in a printout.

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Last Modified on: July 13, 2008, at 12:04 A.M. EDT

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