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Advice and tips for Microsoft Excel 2007 users. Topics include cell formatting, customizing the display, modifying worksheets, exporting worksheets, and more.

* Modify or Disable Recently Used Documents List
Modify the number of recent files Excel 2007 remembers, or disable this list entirely.

* Toggle Automatic Calculations in Status Bar
Toggle whether or not Excel 2007 should perform automatic function calculations on selected cells in its status bar.

* Navigate to Other Worksheets via the Keyboard
Switch between worksheets in the active Excel 2007 workbook via keyboard shortcuts.

* Colored Worksheet Tabs
Customize your Excel 2007 spreadsheet's worksheet tabs with colors.

* Toggle Row and Column Headings
Add more room for your Excel 2007 spreadsheets onscreen by disabling row and column headings.

* Toggle Scroll Bars
Hide or show horizontal and vertical scroll bars in the current Excel 2007 workbook.

* Delete a Worksheet from a Workbook
Remove a worksheet, and its tab, from the current Excel 2007 workbook.

* Remove All Cell Formatting
Quickly remove any formatting changes to any or all cells in an Excel 2007 spreadsheet.

* Add Num Lock Indicator to Status Bar
Glance at the bottom of the Excel 2007 window to determine what occurs when pressing keys on the numeric keypad.

* Save a Workbook for Older Excel Users
Save a copy of an Excel 2007 Workbook that older Excel users can view and edit.

* Toggle Gridlines on Screen or Printed Copy
Toggle viewing and/or printing gridlines in the current worksheet in Excel 2007.

* Illustrations and Charts Grayed Out on Ribbon
If you cannot access Illustrations and Charts in Excel 2007, make this configuration change.

* Stop Typing Decimal Points
Excel 2007 can automatically add decimal points when entering numeric values.

* Change Cell Vertical Alignment
Move cell data to the top, middle, or bottom.

* Change Where the Cursor Moves After Pressing Enter
When entering huge groups of values in Excel 2007, make the cursor move where you want it.

* Cell Formatting Keyboard Shortcuts
Excel 2007 keyboard shortcuts for bold, italics, underline, and strikethrough.

* Format Cells as Currency
Mark particular Excel 2007 values as various types of currency.

* Change The Color Scheme
Tired of feeling blue when opening Excel 2007? Use a black or silver color scheme instead.

* Configure Excel's Options
How to customize the Microsoft Excel 2007 spreadsheet.

* Rotate Cells
Make particular cells in an Excel 2007 Spreadsheet stand out by rotating displayed values.

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