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Microsoft Excel 2003 Visual Tweaks

Tweaking the Microsoft Excel 2003 interface, including toggling menu bars, status bars, and tooltips.

* Change How Excel is Displayed in the Windows Taskbar
Toggle displaying the names of open Excel spreadsheets in the Windows Taskbar.

* Change the Color of a Worksheet Tab
Add color to categorize tabs in a Microsoft Excel 2003 workbook.

* Remove Chart ToolTips
Stop showing popup text when you hover your mouse pointer over charts in Microsoft Excel 2003 spreadsheets.

* Remove Scroll Bars to See More of the Spreadsheet Onscreen
Stop scrolling through Microsoft Excel 2003 spreadsheets with the mouse; use the keyboard instead and save screen real estate for the spreadsheet.

* Change the Gridlines Color
Make your Excel 2003 spreadsheet stand out by adjusting the gridline color.

* Hide the Status Bar
Disable the status bar to show more of your Excel 2003 spreadsheets onscreen.

* Hide Sheet Tabs
If you don't commonly create workbook files with more than one worksheet, hide the sheet tabs.

* View Your Spreadsheet without Menus and Status Bars
View large Microsoft Excel 2003 spreadsheets in Full Screen mode.

* Keep Column Headers Visible at All Times
Edit large Microsoft Excel 2003 spreadsheet easier by keeping column headers visible.

* Hide Excel 2003's Startup Task Pane
Startup Task Pane getting in the way when running Microsoft Excel 2003? Here's how to remove it.

* Toggle Display of Row and Column Headers
Show or hide row and column headers in your Excel 2003 spreadsheets.

* Hide or Unhide Windows When Working on Multiple Worksheets
Manage multiple workbooks simultaneously with Microsoft Excel 2003 by keeping some hidden until needed.

* Hide Gridlines
Prevent gridlines from appearing on selected Excel 2003 spreadsheets.

* Hide the Formula Bar to Display An Extra Row
Display more of your current Microsoft Excel 2003 workbook onscreen.

* Disable Tooltip Help
Keep tooltip help from popping up in Microsoft Excel 2003.

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