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Misc. Microsoft Excel 2003 tips including disabling cell drag-and-drop, inserting copyright symbols, and supporting international numbering systems.

* Toggle Warnings on Cell Drag and Drop
Toggle displaying warnings when overwriting cells using cell drag-and-drop in Excel 2003.

* Toggle Uppercase Names of Days
Configure whether or not Excel 2003 should automatically capitalize the names of days.

* Add Watches to View Results in Other Spreadsheet Sections
Easily monitor disparate sections of large and complex Microsoft Excel 2003 spreadsheets.

* Repair Excel Problems
Fix shortcut and settings problems in Microsoft Excel 2003.

* Disable Cell Drag and Drop
Prevent from accidentally moving cells around your Microsoft Excel 2003 spreadsheet.

* Insert Checkmark
Check items off a list in an Excel 2003 spreadsheet.

* Disable Cell Value AutoComplete
Prevent Excel 2003 from guessing the values you wish to enter in cells.

* The Slash Character Opens Menus - Change It
Learn a keyboard shortcut for opening menus in Microsoft Excel 2003 as well as how to change the shortcut.

* Look up Words or Perform Research Online
Research stock quotes, word definitions and synonyms, encyclopedia entries, and more from within Excel 2003.

* Convert Delimited Text to Columns
Easily convert text copied from another program to columns in an Excel 2003 spreadsheet.

* Insert Organization Charts and Diagrams
Add pyramid, target, and organization charts into your Microsoft Excel 2003 spreadsheets.

* Rename a Worksheet Tab
Make your Excel 2003 worksheet tabs more descriptive.

* Insert Trademark and Copyright Symbols
Insert registered trademark, copyright, and standard trademark characters in your Microsoft Excel 2003 spreadsheets.

* Acquire a Picture from your Scanner or Digital Camera
Add photos or scanned documents to explain data in your Excel 2003 spreadsheet.

* Move to the Right When Pressing Enter
Help perform data entry in Microsoft Excel 2003 by column instead of by row.

* Support International Numbering System
Create spreadsheets with numbering systems that cater to other countries' standards.

* Ignore Spellchecking Uppercase Acronyms
Prevent acronyms from triggering the ire of your Excel 2003 spellchecker.

* Stop Showing Paste Options Buttons
Keep buttons from appearing whenever you paste text in a Microsoft Excel 2003 spreadsheet.

* Remove Options Button After Inserting Cells
Stop showing the exclamation point whenever pasting cells in Microsoft Excel 2003 spreadsheets.

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