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Microsoft Excel 2003 File Management and Recovery

Tips on managing Microsoft Excel 2003 spreadsheets, including file recovery and automatically opening multiple spreadsheets simultaneously.

* Disable AutoRecover for Active Workbook
Turn off the AutoRecover feature in Microsoft Excel 2003 if you find it annoying and not useful.

* Save Spreadsheets Using a Different File Type
For compatibility, export Excel 2003 spreadsheets by default to XML or formats readable by older spreadsheet software.

* Automatically Open a Directory of Files
Automatically open several files when starting Microsoft Excel 2003.

* Change AutoRecover Save Frequency
Save Microsoft Excel 2003 AutoRecover files more or less often.

* Default Workbook Sheets
Modify the default number of worksheets in a new Microsoft Excel 2003 workbook.

* Remember to Save Workbook Properties
Have Microsoft Excel 2003 always prompt you to save workbook properties such as title, subject, and author.

* Change AutoRecover Save Location
Store Microsoft Excel 2003 AutoRecover files in a different directory or on a different drive.

* Remember More Files
Allow Microsoft Excel 2003 to remember more of your recently accessed accounting statements, tax sheets, and other spreadsheets.

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