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Combine Strings Together

Summary: Two methods in Excel 2003 spreadsheets for combining strings together.

Microsoft Excel 2003 spreadsheets that include names, addresses, and other text often require the results of two or more cells combined together, or concatenated.

For example, an address spreadsheet for the United States may be divided into several fields such as each person's name, street address, city, state, and zip code. For printing purposes, it may be useful to include in another field the combined address elements together.

Here are two ways to combine strings together:


VALUE1, VALUE2, .. VALUE_N is a set of values (up to 30) to be combined together


& operator in the form =VALUE1 & VALUE2

VALUE1 and VALUE2 are two text values to be combined together

For example, assume the following spreadsheet contains names divided by first and last. The final two rows combine the name parts together, separated by a space.

1 First Name Last Name
2 John Smith
3 Susan Barnes
5 Name 1: =A2 & " " & B2
6 Name 2: =CONCATENATE(A3," ",B3)

The results:

B5: John Smith
B6: Susan Barnes

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