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Microsoft Excel 2003 Cell Formatting

Learn to modify the ways Microsoft Excel 2003 displays cells in spreadsheets, including tips on changing the font and shading cells with patterns.

* Automatically Add Punctuation to Phone Numbers
Type USA phone numbers into Excel 2003 spreadsheets quicker by just typing the numbers and ignoring any punctuation.

* Shrink a Cell's Value to Fully Display Onscreen
Automatically shrink the font size of Excel 2003 spreadsheet cells so the values fit onscreen.

* Change the Default Font
Change Microsoft Excel 2003's spreadsheet cell default font.

* Automatically Add Dashes to Social Security Numbers
Excel 2003 can automatically add dashes to a group of keyed Social Security Numbers.

* Shade a Cell with a Pattern
Add visual variety to your Excel 2003 spreadsheets.

* Show Negative Dollar Values in Parenthesis
Many businesses want negative dollar amounts shown in parenthesis, not prefixed by minus signs. Perform this tweak with Excel 2003.

* Shrink Values to Fit in a Cell
Force large values to fit inside a small cell of a Microsoft Excel 2003 spreadsheet.

* Automatically Convert Keyed Numbers to Currency
Need to enter a huge series of dollar amounts into a Microsoft Excel 2003 spreadsheet? This tweak can save you from typing the periods between dollars and cents.

* Display Text Vertically
Make text in your Excel 2003 really stand out - vertically.

* Hide Zeros in your Spreadsheet
Prevent zero values from cluttering up your Excel 2003 spreadsheet.

* Stop Hyperlinking Web Address URLs
Prevent Excel 2003 from automatically placing live hyperlinks in a spreadsheet.

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