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Calculate the Median of a Group of Numbers

Summary: Determine the middle number of a series in an Excel 2003 spreadsheet.

Although the =average function determines the average number of a series in a Microsoft Excel 2003, sometimes determining the median is helpful.

The median of a group of numbers is the middle number of a series - half of all numbers are above the median, half are below.

Calculating this number requires the =median function:


SERIES is a series of numbers, range, or cells for which you want to find the median.

For example, assuming the following grades spreadsheet:

1 John Smith 95
2 Sue Walker 97
3 Jim Paulson 88
4 Carol Thompson 81
5 Laura Jones 92
7 Average: =AVERAGE(B1:B5)
8 Mean: =MEDIAN(B1:B5)

The results would be:

B7: 90.6
B8: 92

Note that according to the Excel 2003 documentation, cells containing text, TRUE/FALSE, or empty cells are ignored.

Also note that if an even number of elements are in SERIES, Excel will average the sum of the two middle numbers to determine the result.

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