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Microsoft Excel 2007 - Modify or Disable Recently Used Documents List

Modify the number of recent files Excel 2007 remembers, or disable this list entirely.

Microsoft Excel 2007 - Toggle Automatic Calculations in Status Bar

Toggle whether or not Excel 2007 should perform automatic function calculations on selected cells in its status bar.

Microsoft Excel 2003 Functions and Formulas - Convert Dollar Amounts to Words

Convert dollar amounts into their English equivalents.

Microsoft Excel 2003 Visual Tweaks - Change How Excel is Displayed in the Windows Taskbar

Toggle displaying the names of open Excel spreadsheets in the Windows Taskbar.

Microsoft Excel 2003 Functions and Formulas - Display Top or Bottom Quarter of a Set

Use the quartile function to display the max, min, median, or top or bottom 25% of a group of numbers.

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