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Microsoft Excel 2003 - Printing Spreadsheets

Adding the File Path or Name to a Header or Footer

Summary: Add the spreadsheet file path and/or name to the top or bottom of printed Microsoft Excel 2003 spreadsheets.

When distributed printed copies of your Microsoft Excel 2003 spreadsheets, it may prove useful to add the file path and filename to the hard copies. This way, if later someone has a question with your data, you'll know where to look for the original file.

1. Select "View" - "Header and Footer".

2. The "Page Setup" multi-tabbed dialog box appears, with the "Header / Footer" tab selected. Either click the "Custom Header" or "Custom Footer" button.

3. A "Header" or "Footer" dialog box appears. Click on which section of the header or footer you want the file name and path to appear, either the left, center, or right section.

4. Click on the folder icon to insert the path and filename in the desired header or footer section. Or, if you just want the filename without the path, click the spreadsheet icon.

5. Click on the "OK" dialog boxes to close them.

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Last Modified on: August 8, 2008, at 8:47 A.M. EDT

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