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Check if a Value is a Number

Summary: Prevent Spreadsheet errors in Excel 2003 by ensuring entered values are actually numbers.

Microsoft Excel 2003 may report errors in a spreadsheet if a calculation involves a value expected to be a number, but isn't. To help prevent this from happening, use the =isnumber function:


VALUE is a value, cell, or function result

This function is useful when combined with other functions. For example, assuming the following spreadsheet of quarterly profits (in thousands):

1 1st Quarter (in $k) $256.00
2 2nd Quarter (in $k) $113.00
3 3rd Quarter (in $k) John
4 4th Quarter (in $k) $456.00
6 =IF(ISNUMBER(B1),"","1st Quarter Value is Invalid")
7 =IF(ISNUMBER(B2),"","2nd Quarter Value is Invalid")
8 =IF(ISNUMBER(C1),"","3rd Quarter Value is Invalid")
9 =IF(ISNUMBER(B4),"","4th Quarter Value is Invalid")

As you can see, the value for the 3rd quarter is invalid. In fact, cell A8 tells us so with this result:

3rd Quarter Value is Invalid

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